el grito

The Mexican Matryoshka Doll

This month has a lot of meaning for Mexico and for Morenita. September 16 marks our Independence from colonial rule. Our colorful streets get even more colorful -if you can imagine- with vendors selling flags, firecrackers and sombreros on every street corner. Wreaths cover street lights marking 1810-2018, the years of Independence from the Spanish invasion. More than one visiting friend has commented, “wow, you guys celebrate Christmas early!” confusing our patriotic colors with that of Christmas - a fair mistake. There are few other holidays in México that unite the country like El Grito. You’ve probably caught on by now, our independence is not Cinco de Mayo. And contrary to what you saw in the last James Bond movie, even Día de Muertos, which is popular depending on what Pueblo Mágico you’re in, doesn’t fill the plazas of every town in México like the September 16th celebrations.

photo source unknown

photo source unknown

September is also the birth of Morenita Experience. At this time last year I was plotting and strategizing the launch of an experience agency I knew the travel market wanted and Mexico needed. I wanted every idea, every experience, every detail to be created with intention. That intention lives and breathes life into what we do today. At Morenita Experience, we have our finger on the pulse of Mexican culture and are committed to sharing it through tailored luxury travel experiences. Anyone residing in CDMX knows you can live here for for years and still feel like you just got here. The city is so massive, there is so much to do, enjoy, explore, eat, drink and learn, where does one even begin? Morenita Experience is the insiders encounter that every traveler wants to take home. Maybe it's a service you never knew you needed, but once having “experienced”, you can’t live without.

Morenita Experience is like a Russian matryoshka doll. Once we meet and hopefully, break bread over a delicious meal, enjoy a sobremesa of tequila, mezcal or more wine, we form a bond. Conversation takes over and we introduce you to other intelligent creatives who are pushing the country and culture forward, whether it be in food, art, entertainment, etc. That person opens you up to someone else and so on and so on. It truly is the beauty of our people, the cultural connection that holds us all together through revolutions, political corruption, economic disparity: connection to culture holds us together.

It’s that intention of openness to the unknown that is taking Morenita to destinations like the wine country of Valle de Guadalupe and Ensenada, the Day of The Dead celebrations in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, or revealing the depths of the art world here in México City. This Matryoshka style of exploring is what we’re doing today; scouting locations and forging bonds with like-minded people who share our vision to move the country forward and offer one of a kind experiences to travelers.

The partners we work with share the mindset of respect and celebration of México. We are an innovative community, constantly looking onward and upward. The true north of Morenita is to share our world by inviting you into the inner circle, that unexpected last layer in the Matryoshka doll.