#Mexplaining Apapacho

Introducing #Mexplaining by Morenita

The Morenita Team is made up of multi-cultural, multi-lingual, fun-loving hustlers. When you belong to multiple worlds at the same time, you develop a keen eye and ear for pointing out all the little quirks that come up as you cross between cultures. We are in essence cultural attachés, pointing out entertaining cultural codes we want to share with Morenita insiders.

That’s why we’re introducing #Mexplaining by Morenita, a fun piece of content that breaks down the nuances of Mexican culture and slang. A space where Mexicans explain México. We’ll be dropping a new #Mexplanation every month via our newsletter.

Artwork by  Renata Martínez  illustrating the meaning of  apapacho  for  cafe El Apapacho .

Artwork by Renata Martínez illustrating the meaning of apapacho for cafe El Apapacho.

/a pa pa cho/

Imagine a person speaking in a baby voice, but, not annoying. When you pronounce a-pa-pa-cho that’s usually how people sound because of the feeling it invokes. A feeling of being loved, nurtured, caressed or spoiled by your mom, best friend, your grandmother or significant other. The feeling behind the people who unconditionally take care of you, who got your back, tend to you when you’re sick, and cherish you. At its heart, apapacho is a loving, extended hug, a soulful embrace. 

We also use it as an adjective or verb:

  1. Adj. Apapachosa — In the food scene there’s a timeless awareness fo how good it feels to be taken care of. There’s endless comida apapachosa, the kind that feeds the body and soul.

  2. V. Apapachamos —At Morenita, after double confirming any reservation, we always remind our friends, the chef & maitre’d, to take extra care of our clients, to which they respond “aquí te los apapachamos” meaning “here we will tend to them with love and care”.  Sounds better in spanish right!